Easter Bunny Chair Cover

Happy Easter!

Last night my little girl was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to our house that she refused to go to sleep until very late!  Before she went to bed she put out a carrot and the little Easter basket that her Papá made for her at an Easter Eggstravaganza yesterday, in the hope that the Easter Bunny would exchange the carrot for some chocolates.  We have never done this before, as she was too young in previous years, although I hope to carry this on through future years as it creates a sense of fun and excitement.  I just hope that next year she does not stay awake so late! 

How cute is this basket?  Crafts aren’t Pedro’s thing but he got really into making this Easter basket.  He was very proud of his achievement, as was Inês who tried to pass it off as her own handiwork!

Easter Basket

Inês' Easter basket made by her Papá.

In between going upstairs to repeatedly put my little monkey back to bed, I set to work on an idea I had.  I had seen some really cute Christmas chair covers over the internet but didn’t get around to making any of them last year.  As a last minute surprise for Inês, I decided to grab some scrap materials and a pillowcase and make her an Easter bunny chair cover. 

Rabbit Chair Cover

Easter bunny chair cover

I used a regular white pillowcase for the cover itself.  It didn’t fit my chair perfectly but it wasn’t far off.

To make the ears, cut out two ear shapes from some cardboard.

Rabbit ears

Cover the ear shapes by inserting the cardboard into the ‘feet’ of some black tights (the thicker the better). 

Rabbit ear fabric

For the inside of the ears, cut the shapes out of some pink material.  I used an old pink t-shirt.  Glue onto the centre of each ear.

Rabbit ear

For the eyes, cut two oval shapes from some black felt or black material.

For the nose, I used the same pink fabric I used for the insides of the ears.  Cut out a small square of fabric and a ‘nose shape’ from some card. 

Rabbit nose

Lay out the square of fabric onto the table and put some scrunched up scraps of fabric or toy stuffing onto the centre to pad the nose out a bit.  Place the cardboard nose shape on top of the fabric scraps.  Fold the square of fabric up around the nose shape and hold in place using all-purpose glue. 

Black wool makes a great mouth and whiskers.  Cut to the desired length and glue in place.

To make sure it looks like a rabbit, two front teeth can be made using white felt or white material.  So that it stands out on the white pillowcase, I drew around the outline in black marker.

 Inês loved it when she came downstairs this morning.  Her reaction was definitely worth the effort!

Inês and her bunny chair cover

Inês enjoying her breakfast with her Easter bunny chair cover.

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